TC for Miss Perfect Wonderful U Camisole



Flex elements for maximum comfort! The Miss Perfect TC Wonderful U Shaper has a new type of underwire processing that gives you the feeling of being underwire-free. In the line's corset, the underwires are connected to each other with a flexible band underneath the cups. The otherwise rigid center bar is also made of a flexible material. This allows the underwires to rotate and glide, providing outstanding comfort and support.

Wonderful U corset shirt with underwire like "ironless"

The soft and supple material will make you feel good all day long. The shirt with Wonderful U feels like a second skin and gives firm figure smoothing and shaping thanks to two-layered flaps. Wonderful Edge hems ensure that Nothing slips, rolls up or down, cuts in or fits badly. Sophisticated inserts under the armpits conceal small, annoying bulges . Enjoy the visible and secure support of this figure-flattering garment, which is the ideal undergarment for all tops that look even better with a certain "finishing touch".