TC for Miss Perfect Tummy Tux High Leg Brief



Instant tummy tuck! With the TC for Miss Perfect Tummy Tux briefs with legs, you will experience instant tummy tuck . Effective crossover flaps pull your stomach inwards, lifting and tightening it noticeably and visibly. Sophisticated V-Power mesh inserts ensure the perfect balance and transition. This fantastic girdle brief gives you firm figure shaping with a pleasant feeling. Thanks to the extended shape, you can style and shape the entire waist, stomach and bottom area so that your figure appears visibly firmer and tighter. The attached leg also smooths the transitions from bottom to thighs and makes them appear more even and firmer. The high-quality material is so light and soft that you hardly notice it. This means you feel carefree and attractive the entire time you wear it.

Waist-high girdle briefs with legs and tummy tux instant effect

The Extra Firm Control line from TC for Miss Perfect is characterized by its high shaping power and "Wonderful Edge" hems. This sophisticated processing of the hems and cuffs ensures that nothing slips , rolls down or up, cuts in or fits badly. The single-layer support does not add bulk and gives you security and support. This figure optimizer pampers you with an impressive immediate effect and is the ideal underwear for all figure- and fashion-conscious women who stand by their figure.