Miss Perfect Wow 2 Go - Nipple Pads Nipple Covers Nipple Cover Skin Silicone


Miss Perfect Wow 2 Go silicone nipple covers ensure that your nipples do not show through or show through tight outer clothing or transparent fabrics. Thanks to their properties, they can be used up to 25 times if used correctly. Self-adhesive and equipped with a hypoallergenic 3M adhesive film, they can be placed in the bra or bodysuit to discreetly cover the nipples.

Nipple covers for a discreet appearance

The easy handling and super soft feel promise high satisfaction. To achieve optimal results, only apply the covers to dry and clean skin, free of cosmetic residues. Wow 2 Go nipple covers are gently cleaned with mild soap and water before you use them again. To ensure that the adhesive film regenerates sufficiently, let the covers air dry.