Miss Perfect Wow 2 Go Body Lift Tape



If you don't want to do without a secure hold and a good feeling even with tops with a special neckline, then this body lift tape is the ideal helper. Your back, décolleté and shoulders remain free and you can show a lot of skin. The breast tape from Miss Perfect is almost like a second skin, shapes the breasts beautifully as a boob tape and gives stability and support. Ideal as a body tape, also for tightening the bottom, arms and legs. The self-adhesive tape provides a perfect push-up effect as a lifting tape. It is very comfortable to wear and is suitable as an adhesive bra for small and large breasts.

Skin-friendly body lift tape

The skin-friendly tape can be cut to size, stuck over and is water-repellent. Its adhesive properties mean it stays in place, whether you're on the beach, shopping or at a wedding reception. The breast tape solves the problems of the traditional bra. Perfect for backless and strapless dresses, T-shirts, halter tops, wedding dresses and swimwear. Apply the breast tape to dry and clean skin and cut it accordingly. Depending on the size of your breasts, use 2-3 strips of the breast tape. The tape stays in place even if you work up a little sweat.

The delivery includes two rolls of 3 meters each. The tape has a width of 5 cm.