Miss Perfect Wow 2 Go Armpit Protection



We all sweat... But in addition to smells, the most annoying and sometimes embarrassing discoloration under the armpits is considered. Whether it's caused by the climate or other causes such as a first date, a job interview or appearing in front of an audience, the Miss Perfect armpit protector protects your textiles from discoloration caused by perspiration or deodorants. Yellow stains are a thing of the past and the high cleaning costs can also be reduced.

Armpit protection for a safe feeling

The self-adhesive armpit protector gives you a dry, carefree feeling at all times and offers you comfort and safety all day long. The easy-to-use fleece inserts are suitable for all types of clothing, whether shirt, blouse, jacket, uniform or cocktail dress - sweating cannot be avoided, but the unpleasant side effects can!