Miss Perfect Style 'n go waist shaper



To quickly look slimmer and show off your feminine curves, the Miss Perfect waist shaper is exactly the lingerie accessory that will give you back a seductive hourglass waist . Your new top and sexy cocktail dress will also look even better. This elastic and well-forming waist cincher can also be worn very effectively over clothing.

Waist shaper with immediate effect

The Miss Perfect waist shaper visibly optimizes the area around the waist, hips and stomach. Small bumps and bulges are smoothed out and your figure gets its usual curves back. The fit of your wardrobe is optimized and emphasizes the advantages of your feminine figure. Thanks to the comfortable silicone cuffs, the waist shaper stays where it belongs, does not roll or slip away and is practically invisible. Wear it with your favorite underwear and with any type of panties and bra.