Miss Perfect Seamless Shapewear Pants with Leg



These leg-hugging panty girdle give your figure a tighter, firmer silhouette. The stomach, buttocks and thighs are shaped and slimmed down. You can reduce your body size by up to one size. The seamless finish ensures smooth transitions and is perfect for figure-hugging clothing. Your pants will also fit better in an instant and skirts will regain their attractive curves.

Firming panty girdle with leg

Combinable with your own bra or worn with a shirt, for example a figure-shaping camisole, you can enjoy a two-piece bodysuit with legs! The breathable and particularly light material is practically invisible under your clothes and does not add bulk. The innovative and new Cool Comfort - Perfect Fit Nilit® Breeze comfort fiber creates a noticeably cooling "sensation effect" on the skin. This ventilation effect ensures an all-round feeling of well-being all day long, without heat build-up and with high breathability. Feel how ultra-soft and comfortable the material is against your body. Flat silicone ends ensure a reliable and comfortable hold. The Nilit® Breeze comfort fiber has UV protection and is also low-odor. With proper care, the special function of this fiber does not wash out, so you can enjoy the cooling effect for a long time.