Miss Perfect Seamless Shapewear Shirt without Underwire



Finally, a shirt that doesn't slip or roll up. The breathable and particularly light material immediately visibly and noticeably firms your stomach area, back and waist. It gives your figure a smooth, flattering line and doesn't add bulk.

Figure-hugging corset without underwire

The impressively effective material is practically invisible under your clothes and does not add bulk. The innovative and new Cool Comfort - Perfect Fit Nilit® Breeze comfort fiber creates a noticeably cooling "sensation effect" on the skin. This ventilation effect ensures an all-round feeling of well-being all day long, without heat build-up and with high breathability. Feel how ultra-soft and comfortable the material clings to your body. Flat silicone ends ensure a reliable and comfortable hold. The Nilit® Breeze comfort fiber has UV protection and is also low-odor. With proper care, the special function of this fiber does not wash out, so you can enjoy the cooling effect permanently. The bodice has molded multi-cups without underwire that support, lift and harmoniously shape the breasts. This is optimally separated from the upper abdomen, creating an attractive silhouette. The back area is also discreetly supported and smoothed. Soft ends do not add bulk and sit reliably, and length-adjustable straps enable a perfect fit.