Miss Perfect Accessories Bra Bag

Artikelnummer: MPA-36100

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It's a real shame if your bra has dents and nicks. And that's when it's supposed to make sure your bust looks smooth and well-shaped. All too often we unpack our underwear from our luggage and find that although we seem to have survived the jet lag unscathed, our most beautiful items unfortunately didn't survive the transport . And that's why Miss Perfect has come up with another extremely useful and practical "little helper" for you.

Bra bag

This sturdy bra bag is not only visually appealing, but also protects up to three dream pieces. The matching panties also have a place to hide. A hard outer shell prevents the bra cup from being dented, a damage that often cannot be undone. Avoid unpleasant laundry surprises in the future and choose your favorite model from the fashionable designs of this bra bag.

Dimensions: 32x18x10 cm


  • Sicherer Schutz für alle Schalen BHs

  • Harte Außenschale verhindert Eindrücken der Verpackung und dadurch Druckstellen

  • Bis zu 3 BHs und Slips kann die einzelne Tasche aufnehmen

  • Praktischer Reißverschluss; Schützt vor Beschädigung im Gepäck

  • Größe ca. 32x18x10 cm, Farben: Flower, Animal


Materialzusammensetzung: 50% Polyäthylen, 50% Polyester