Mesh shaping leggings with butt lifting effect

Artikelnummer: CU-0747


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With these "magic pants" you will have a visibly smoother and tighter figure in dresses and body-hugging pants. No dents and visibly superfluous bulges that visually disturb the figure line. A more toned appearance all around - who wouldn't want that?

Firming long-form panty girdle

The long panty girdle ensures smooth transitions and a more harmonious figure line. Your figure-hugging clothing is shown off better and you feel more comfortable and confident. Thighs, knees and bottom appear smoother and tighter. The bottom is subtly lifted and rounded. The material is so comfortable and light that you can hardly feel it and gives you the freedom of movement you want.


  • Regulierbare Miederhose mit langem Bein

  • Glättet sanft Taille, Bauch, Hüften, Po und Oberschenkel

  • Wonderful Edge - Kein Verrutschen, kein Abzeichnen

  • Miederpants mit Wonderful Edge an Taille und Beinen

  • Geschmeidig und anschmiegsam - hoher Tragekomfort


Materialzusammensetzung: 84% Nylon, 16% Elasthan