Miss Perfect Wow 2 Go - Self-adhesive nipple covers Nipple Cover Skin Silicone

Artikelnummer: MP-W2G70032


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Miss Perfect Wow 2 Go Silicone Nipple Covers ensure that your nipples do not show or show through under tight outerwear or transparent textiles. These high-quality nipple covers are designed to give you the confidence you deserve, no matter what the occasion. Our nipple covers are ultra-thin and adapt perfectly to your skin to ensure a natural and flawless look.

Nipple covers for a discreet appearance

The easy handling and super soft feel promise high satisfaction. To achieve optimal results, only apply the covers to dry and clean skin, free of cosmetic residues. Wow 2 Go nipple covers are gently cleaned with mild soap and water before you use them again. To ensure that the adhesive film regenerates sufficiently, let the covers air dry.


  • Selbsthaftend ohne Kleber

  • Hauchdünn & Ultra Soft

  • Schweiß- & Wasserresistent

  • Natürliche Form für jede Brustgröße

  • Wiederverwendbar und Abwaschbar


Materialzusammensetzung: 100% Silikon