Miss Perfect Wow 2 Go nipple cover foam, fleece or silicone

Artikelnummer: MP-W2G70000-32


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Miss Perfect Wow 2 Go nipple covers prevent the nipple from showing through, so you feel safe and comfortable. They are reusable and do not contain any adhesive film. The super-soft material and smooth surface ensure the optimal feel-good factor. No matter how thin and transparent the top may be, the inserts do not add bulk and deliver excellent results. The inserts can also be used for irritated skin in sensitive areas, e.g. when playing sports, and protect against unpleasantly chafing clothing. The thin inserts are simply placed in the bra or bodysuit and your nipples are discreetly covered and protected. The pleasantly soft material is skin-friendly and so light that you feel undisturbed and safe all day or evening.



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