Miss Perfect Form & Function Corset Body with Leg and Underwire



This underwire corset bodysuit will make those extra pounds disappear. The perfect fit and comfortable material will give your figure a smooth, even, firm silhouette. You will reduce your body size by up to one size and immediately feel slimmer and more attractive.

Body with leg and underwire

The light material mix is ​​breathable and offers maximum comfort throughout the entire wear period. Soft and smooth finishes do not cut in or add bulk. This means that the bodysuit is practically invisible under your clothing. A smooth and seamless look is particularly important for body-hugging clothing. Experience all-round support and shaping of your entire stomach, waist and back area and experience the shapely and harmonious separation of the chest and upper abdomen. A round and lifted bottom and smooth, firm thighs give your figure the right curve so that your clothing fits perfectly.